How do you sign up for a program?

Reach out to us directly at and let us know what program you are interested in signing up for!

How do you become a member of YPG?

In order to become a member of Young Producers Group, you have to be a part of the after-school or summer programs. Participants of the in-school programs are associated with the program, but can only become members if they take part in group workshops, private lessons, or are selected for the YPG Presents series. Once you've become a member of YPG, you are a member for life!

How old do you need to be to participate in the after-school programs?

The after-school programs are designed for high schoolers.  Kids in middle-school can contact YPG if they are interested in participating. Exceptions will be made based on skill and interest levels. Private lessons are available for kids K-12.

Those involved with the after-school program must provide their own laptop, headphones, and software. YPG does not currently provide gear for its members. YPG also offers discounts on Ableton Live.

What equipment do you need for the after-school program? Does YPG supply any gear?

YPG is happy to travel outside of Los Angeles for in-school and after-school programs. Additional fees may apply for travel expenses. Please contact YPG for more information.

My school/house is not in the Los Angeles area. Does YPG go outside of Los Angeles?

Typically all our programs work for K-12 students.  Different options are more appropriate for certain age groups. For more information, please contact us directly.

Are my students too young or old for YPG programs?

We welcome all who are interested in getting involved with YPG at any capacity! Please send a resume and a sample of your music to

I'm interested in getting involved with YPG as an educator or volunteer.  How can I get involved?