Young Producers Group’s mission is to get kids making the music they love in ultra-affordable programs at schools, non-profits, and in studios around the world. With kids from different socioeconomic backgrounds all interested in making electronic music, we aim to use electronic music like Hip Hop and Techno as tools for young people to use to connect across the lines that usually separate them. Collaboration and musical development become vehicles for personal and social growth with YPG.

YPG provides a creative community for youth at all skill levels and from all different backgrounds. In-school, after-school, and summer programs connect kids across Los Angeles through the exploration of audio production, beat making, recording, and electronic music performance. With Ableton Live music software as the engine of this exploration, we're helping kids discover the joy of making music. YPG is showing the youth of Los Angeles how to make electronic music and, in turn, the young people are showing the world how creative any of them can be when given the proper opportunities to flourish.


Producer and educator Lawrence Grey was inspired to create YPG after working with the youth at an alternatives to incarceration center in Brooklyn called the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA). In the studio at CCA, the only thing that mattered was how committed and focused someone was to their music. Socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences, usually things that keep people apart, served as creative tools to bring people together. This experience had a profound impact on Lawrence, inspiring him to go to UCLA and get a masters degree in education. Having received a Bachelor's degree in music from NYU with a focus on electronic music composition, he was in a unique position to create YPG.

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YPG Instructors have a rare mix of music production expertise and solid classroom experience. They are equally comfortable delivering a lesson or a DJ set. Instructors are all credentialed educators with years of experience working with schools, students, camps, etc. All instructors go through rigorous training on YPG methods and curricula. YPG’s ever-growing team of instructors is redefining the role of a music teacher and a music class.



YPG offers internship opportunities for students in YPG programs and college students interested in learning more about music education and music technology. In-class internships help YPG students to build leadership experience, professionalism and command over the material. Internships for college students provide critical insight into the worlds of education and music technology. To learn more about the internship programs, please reach out to